1001 Days Later

So here I am, a few days after turning 40, and having reached the end of the 101 things in 1001 days project I set for myself back in February 2009.

Looking back, I can observe a couple of key drivers about my decision to set myself these goals:

  • I was still single
  • My mother had recently passed away suddenly just a few months before, and I was questioning my own mortality
  • I had made the big move to Australia in 2008, but was finding myself falling back into a sedentary/lazy mindset
  • I knew that the big Four Oh was looming, and I wanted to be able to say that the Thirties were worth it

So, as you are reading this, you may or may not have noticed that – all things considered – I didn’t exactly smash it out of the park in terms of completing those 101 goals. But in a way, that was always sort of the point. To me, there has to be some stretch involved – admittedly, having lived those 1001 days, I know I could have stretched much more. I was conservative about travel (especially international), I was conservative about new experiences – if only because I had only myself in mind when I pictured them being completed. So what else has happened to usurp these carefully laid plans?

  • Just around the time of starting this project, I started seeing someone (cross off no-longer single)
  • That relationship quickly (for us at least) saw us moving in together
  • We bought a house (ZOMG!) around x-mas 2010, and moved in February 2011
  • We got engaged (YAY!) the day this project finished (11/11/11)
  • I’ve had the good fortune to have travelled to Vietnam, Cambodia, China, Hong Kong (twice), New Zealand (twice), Las Vegas, Belgium, Luxembourg and Paris in those 1001 days (WIN!)

So quite a busy time, and with no regrets about missing out on many of the things I had planned to do.

I will leave you with some thoughts that have been inspired by my taking this challenge on:

  • Always set goals – even if you feel you can’t complete them
  • Stretch yourself (not in the Yoga-type way) – you are more capable than you realise
  • Open yourself to new experiences – even if they interrupt your “plans”
  • Factor in others when making plans – they make the experiences richer

I hope that if you’ve read this, or have been following along, that you decide to set yourself a life-goal, bucket-list, whatever-you-want-to-call-it challenge.

Special thanks goes to Michael Green, creator of The Day Zero Project that inspired me.


  1. Congratulations on your engagement, that’s awesome!

    The four thoughts you included at the end remind me a little of the epilogue in Neil Straus’ Everyone Loves You When You’re Dead.

    Thank you for the inspiration to create and start working on my own Project 101 list.

  2. Congratulations again on your engagement mate. You two are a fantastic, and complimentary couple, and I’ve no doubt you’ll both have very happy lives together.

    As someone who has had the pleasure of seeing you for, or hearing about, almost every one of the last 1001 days, I think it safe to say that the the experiences you’ve managed to include that weren’t on your original list are far more important than surfing bells, or cuddling a koala. Diving a shipwreck still sounds good though, let’s not abandon that idea :)

    Ok, that might sound cheesy, but it’s great to see you with a smile on your face each day.

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