3/5ths along and 1/4 down (post 1000)

Welcome to the 1000th post (including photos) here on seriocomic!

One thing I was certain of when I started my ‘1001 things to do in 101 days‘ project was that life was bound to throw some distractions, opportunities, pitfalls and other things that life tends to do.

So I am just over 600 days down with less than 400 days to go and I have only just gone over the quarter mark in terms of the number of tasks i’ve set myself. It’s worth noting that I have a number ‘in progress’, and that some would consider I have managed to notch up some other pretty good milestones that aren’t on the list.

Let’s cover off what’s been done since the last update:

  1. Get full health insurance
  2. Donate to open source software that I use
  3. Pay off all credit cards
  4. Wind up all overseas accounts
  5. Give away all items of clothing I haven’t worn more than twice in the last 12 months
  6. Create an automated back-up of my image library

Probably the most significant were #62 and #65 – becoming debt free (at least until the new purchase kicks in) is a great feeling. I’m feeling a little ashamed about how long it has taken to do – but given the no-so-cheap trip to Vietnam/Cambodia in December last year, China and Hong Kong this year, I’m feeling rather chuffed.

Another win for me was finally finding the will-power to start riding to work. It’s only a short 7km/17min (or 13km/30min depending whether I go direct or scenic) ride each way – but fighting the lazy urge each morning, especially through a chilly winter was something I feel good about achieving. I’ll need this, because I have signed up for another big hill-ride in January and a repeat attempt at the 100km Otway Odyssey in February 2011.

As for the rest of the list – i’m feeling more comfortable now about what I probably will and won’t achieve and have a better feeling about what’s more important to do and not do. Watch this space.


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