Project 101: update #1

So it’s been 115 days since I started my Project 101 and I thought it a good idea to write some notes and observations about progress to date (actually my ulterior motive was to write a Rhetoric post because I realised that was meant to write one once a month).

My summary of progress so far is this: making a list – while clarifying some short to medium term goals, didn’t actually create the impetus to complete them. Apart from some easy ones and a few ‘administrative’ to-do’s, there wasn’t any real stretch in getting things done.

So lets look at some of the ones I haven’t done so well on:

  1. Stop buying lunches/coffees (make my own)

I started this with good intentions, but it only lasted about a month. Laziness, procrastination, work pressures and convenience were all to blame for this not lasting longer. I will continue to attempt this to-do – but will probably treat it as a goal, rather than a must-do.

  1. Work out at LEAST three times a week

This was a lot easier to do when I lived in an apartment building with a small gym downstairs. Now, in a new apartment without one, it’s a bit trickier. I am trying to run more often, and with the purchase of a new bike – will be riding more often.

  1. Take a photo of myself (same pose/position if possible) on the 1st of every month

I completely forgot the 1st occurrence, then missed (despite a reminder) the second two – so this to-do starts from June 09. I have an active reminder to alert me to do this, and have left the camera in the one spot to act as a mental cue.

I think I would have completed a few more a bit earlier – but with a busier personal life that requires me to be less selfish with my time and planning, moving apartments and all the drama that goes with that – I still think I am on track to make some headway when life starts to get into a bit of a pattern that makes for easier planning.

Hopefully there will be some more ‘exciting’ updates to come, as this one bored me just writing it.

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