Rhetoric Reborn

Happy New Year!

And with it, the return (after more than 2 years[1]) of the seriocomic rhetoric – where I get to try and form some semi-coherent sense out of what is tumbling though my brain and lay it out for the world to laugh at…

More and more this last year I have felt I have wanted to comment on a number of things – political, existential, blogging and web related; and haven’t really felt that the photoblog presented a proper format to do this.

Additionally, with extra exposure to the WordPress engine that runs this site over the last 12 months on other client projects I have become more aware of new methods of presenting the information that I want, in the manner that I want.

I am (very) far from finished, but wanted to get the majority of the groundwork done before lifting the lid.


Part of the dilemma was how to split this website up to handle the existing photoblog (which will continue once I get some inspiration) and run the rhetoric blog along side it. There were several different approaches that I could have taken, but the deciding factor was being able to control everything from one WordPress admin area.

This meant more work initially for a (hopefully) smoother ride down the line. The idea was to create one extra category (rhetoric), and then use the taxonomy integrated to v2.3 of WP rather than subcategories as is the case for the photoblog.

Because of the integrated approach, I needed to change the URL structure of the website to remove the dominance of the ‘image’ permalink. This was a bigger move than it looks due to the long and pretty decent ranking that the site and it’s pages have with Google. Changing the permalink structure willy-nilly would have destroyed any juice that I had built-up with the big G. Luckily this was solved with a little plugin magic[2] that allowed a better URL structure to incorporate the post title/image name.

Going through to fix absolute links to the re-done URL’s allowed me to find a LOT of errors that I hadn’t noticed in the code that had slipped under the radar. Fixing these errors and my normal anal penchant for fixing things that aren’t broken (minor validation and code indentation) meant that I haven’t been able to complete the site functionally, let alone visually. I guess the site has always been a work in progress.

Stay tuned for more updates…

  1. seriocomic was a normal blog from 2002-2005. The archives are still around somewhere but it was just boring personal stuff.[^]
  2. Permalink Migration Plugin by Dean Lee[^]


  1. Thanks guys.

    @Dave – the partial feed I think you referred to was the use of the ‘more’ tag inserted by WordPress to break-up the page. This found it’s way into the feed (I have spent about 8 hours total trying to get the feeds working the way I want). There is a plug-in that should take care of that for me, I will add it to the list (which can be seen on the bottom of the about page).

    @Natalie – Don’t give up! WordPress continues to improve exponentially with each release. The number and quality of the plug-ins continues to grow as well. If you need some help, I’m only too willing to share some of my know-how :)

  2. This is really taking shape, Mike.

    I’ve become so frustrated again with WP that I’m seriously thinking of giving it up again post March 2008.

    The work you’ve done so far just to get this looking how you want is amazing. I wish I was as code talented!

    May you have a wonderful 2008 and achieve all the goals you set.

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