Rhetoric Update

Well, it would be fair to say that the re-introduction of the Rhetoric Blog into this site has been less than smooth. If you have been looking at the site over the last week, you will have noticed that the focus has gone back to the photoblog, at least for the main page. This is a conscious decision based both aesthetic and structural factors.

Probably the biggest hurdle that has hindered me from focusing on form over function is that WordPress has no system or plugin (at least that I could find) for offering a full-page option to a multi-page post. This caused issues both with creating a full feed and providing a usability feature on the paginated articles themselves. After overcoming this I will be looking into packaging my solution into a plugin to assist others (add it to the list).

Having decided to use the added functionality offered by Feedburner with regards to handling syndication caused it’s own issues, both as part of the above situation, but also as part of a conflict with existing plugins. I had to rely on several different methods to try and view un-cached and unfiltered views of the current XML (somewhat having to rely on both Opera and IE7).

The one thing that cancels out the frustration that came with the inability of bending some aspects of my templates (Note: MY templates – not WP itself) was that it forced me to learn new techniques and up-skill myself. That being said – there’s a lot of work required to update the WordPress Codex (documentation repository) as it hasn’t kept up effectively with some of the more major recent updates. Given that the documentation is done mostly by volunteers this is hardly and indictment.

So where does that leave this website? Well if you’re interested, keep an eye on the ‘to-do’ list at the bottom of the about page, my tweets on the rhetoric main page. I still won’t be focusing on design until I can get the templates functioning as I wish. Even then the design will mostly consist of some minor rebranding and look’n’feel – the current layout suits – the color scheme doesn’t…


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