Stars over Taupo

Stars over Taupo

1st attempt at long exposures of the night sky (i.e. longer than 30 seconds). Actually, of the numerous shots taken this night, this was the 2nd attempt – the best.

Hue/Saturation, Sharpening, Crop and Rotate.

Several other people had recently beaten me to the punch when submitting this type of shot, but finally I got my Nikon remote to properly take this shot. Thanks to a piece open-source software, Stellarium, I can actually show you (albiet a computer-generated screenshot) what I took a picture of, complete with overlays of constellations etc, computed from my longitude and latitude and time. Amazing.


  1. Thanks Martin, I like your stuff as well! As for problems and tips, I just followed the general rules when it comes to long exposure night photography – clear night (for stars), no moon and low ambient light. Leaving the aperture wide open (say f4) and setting your focal point at infinity in manual mode helps. Good luck and I look forward to your effort.

  2. Fantastic picture – you have a very nice sky over Taupo. I will try to recreate something similar when I get a wider lens, and if it’s half of this beauty, I will be happy. Were there any specific problems or tips that you learned in that night? By the way, I am adding your blog to my favorites on, it’s too nice.

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