My top 10 photos for 2009

I probably would have liked to get this done a little closer to the beginning of the year, but it wasn’t until I saw this post on Digital Photography School that I thought I better do something, so here we go:

Number 10: Full Moon and 120 Collins
Full Moon and 1201
Published January 13, 2009.
This makes the top 10 because I like the composition and extreme depth of field allowing all elements to come together. The lighting also reflects the timing – one of the more critical components of a good photo.
Number 9: Night Lights
Night Lights
Published October 5, 2009.
Despite it being a relatively unremarkable shot at first blush, this makes my top ten because of the symmetry and lines. One of my better black and whites for 2009.
Number 8: Luna Park Puddle
Luna Park Puddle
Published April 6, 2009.
Another right place at the right time shot. I initially didn’t think much of this shot when I first published it, but there’s enough going on subject wise and photographically to kick it into my top 10.
Number 7: Australia Day 2009
Australia Day 2009
Published January 26, 2009.
It’s not tac-sharp, but getting fireworks photos, let alone ones with a majestic cityscape in the frame is a tough ask. It also celebrated my first Australia day.
Number 6: Tuscan Sunset
Tuscan Sunset
Published February 21, 2009.
Taken in 2008 when I was in Florence, this stayed in my archives until I decided to try and resurrect it in Photoshop. If you view the shot details, you’ll get a better idea of the effort involved in making this a worthy addition to the top 10.
Number 5: Empty Victory
Empty Victory
Published August 2, 2009.
When I started taking HDR photos, this is the type of result I always wanted to achieve. This shot made the trek to get it worth it.
Number 4: Eureka
Published January 14, 2009.
Probably a surprise entry for some, but I love the contrasts and colors in this shot. Any shot I can stare at for a while is one worth making the top 10.
Number 3: Purity
Published November 7, 2009.
The most simple, direct shot of the year, also one of my favorites. Getting a narrow DOF water bubble on a petal edge is not that easy to capture.
Number 2: Reading Room
Reading Room
Published March 25, 2009.
Another reason for learning HDR – this detail would not have been achievable in the available lighting. I like the richness of the tones that this processing technique brings out.
Number 1: Sunblock
Published November 10, 2009.
It’s a birthday shot. It’s a rare opportunity. It’s great timing. It’s a great scene. It’s my number 1.


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