My Top 5 Photos of 2012

For the last three years, i’ve published my top 10 photos that I took during the year (see Top-Ten 2009, Top-Ten 2010 and Top-Ten 2011), however with a number of new changes in my personal life, i’ve only managed to publish 47 photos in 2012 so I have had to reduce this year’s list to 5 – here they are…

Number 5: Vivid
Published April 14, 2012.
Striking color pop in this shot was one of it’s most attractive features as most of my macro or nature shots seem to tend towards the muted.
Number 4: The Bunch
The Bunch
Published April 27, 2012.
To illustrate the muted point from Number 5 above, this shot is an example where softening of the contrast and tones made for a different aesthetic.
Number 3: Nature Globes
Nature Globes
Published June 15, 2012.
This shot was an attempt to replicate my first photo here at
Number 2: Suspended Bokeh
Suspended Bokeh
Published April 1, 2012.
My favourite ‘bokeh’ shot of 2012 – the out of focus diffraction from the background globes really made the one in focus pop.
Number 1: Satellites
Published July 21, 2012.
This photo has sustained it’s position as my iPhone background color for 6 months. There’s something about the old mechanical nature and the tones that appeals to me. This is my no.1 shot of 2012.


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